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When it comes to niched job boards, Digitaljob is the No.1 Romanian job board fully dedicated to leading professionals in IT, design and marketing jobs.

Our vision is that everybody will be digitised in order to learn, work and live a happy and healthy life.

Through Digitaljob we want to provide everybody with the skills, the opportunity, the instruments and the space in just one place.

Could we help everyone prosper while working together? Can this world be designed now, without waiting for the future to take place

Digitaljob’s services are focused on connecting talented design, development and creative professionals with the right companies in the digital industry.

Recruiters use Digitaljob to build successful teams with the digital knowledge and skills to perform in a competitive marketplace. Our digital transformation services can help businesses identify where they need to build capabilities.

Digitaljob will create the Global JOBalization and we will get to the point where anyone, no matter their gender, age, location or race, will have the opportunity to work for any company in the world.

By offering technology which serves your specific goals and purposes, we are aiming to graduate to a larger role in our life – that of a reliable partner to support you!

Dare to dream about the technology we could come up with, about the world we could build together! Because together is better!


Get yourself involved in the digital JOBalization!