Romsys has become shortly after its establishment, in 1993, one of the leading suppliers of IT solutions and services, proving capability and experience in designing and implementing IT solutions and advanced communications on a wide range of platforms - software, hardware and network. Romsys is a team of 300 people with more than 20 years of presence on the market, which provides value-added services including solution design and development, implementation of business management solutions, security, communications and infrastructure solutions, SAP solutions, automation & self service solutions and innovation.

We work with all major platform technologies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, EMC, Cisco and many others. We train and certify our people to provide in-depth expertise and competence on all technologies we choose to design, deploy and support. The breadth of knowledge allows to have only one agenda in mind, to choose the right technology for the right price point in order to create the best value proposition for you.

Since 2007, Romsys has been a member of the multinational group New Frontier Group whose goal is to build, in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, one of the strongest groups in the area of information technology, which will provide to their customers top-level comprehensive IT services. New Frontier Group is the fastest growing IT services company in Central and Eastern Europe. 2.000 people focus on bringing value to the region's top thousand enterprises and by developing „The Missing Link„ concept they help companies to generate new sources of revenue.